noragi 野良着 FUNS 藍染 襤褸 刺し子 ジャパンヴィンテージ 半纏 着物 羽織 Japanese Vintage kimono haori jacket 海外発送/国際配送サービスの転送コム

自衛隊初期 制服 アイゼンハワージャケット ジャパンヴィンテージ 米軍実物供与品 | JGSDF Japan Vintage Eisenhower Jacket OD

  •  自衛隊初期 制服 アイゼンハワージャケット ジャパンヴィンテージ 米軍実物供与品 | JGSDF Japan Vintage Eisenhower Jacket OD

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ポケット内のタグを見ると、「Jackets, Field, Wool, O. D.」とあり、アイゼンハワージャケットやアイクジャケットと呼ばれている米軍実物品である事が分かります。(おそらく1944年コントラクト)










■ Product Details ■

・ Brand: Japan Ground Self-Defense Force

・ Year: 1956

・ Size: 40S

Japan Vintage Japan Ground Self-Defense Force around 1956 This is the initial uniform.

The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force was started by the National Police Reserve, which was organized in 1950 under the Potsdam Declaration of GHQ, which ruled Japan after World War II.

Most of the equipment of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force was donated by the United States and the United Kingdom from the early days of its founding to the early 1960s, and these uniforms are also donated by the US military.

If you look at the tag in your pocket, you can see that it is a real US military item called "Jackets, Field, Wool, O.D.", which is called the Eisenhower jacket or Ike jacket. (Probably the 1944 contract)

I think that this item with a double name standing position is a valuable item that does not flow to the market first than the old U.S. military and the former Japanese army, and even those who have actually seen it are very much. Isn't it small?

In addition, the original Eisenhower jacket is basically a short jacket with a belt and snap buttons on the hem, but this individual is a remake product with the hem cut and wool fabric added.

This added wool fabric is also probably from the 1940s and 1950s, as you can guess from the texture and color of the wool.

The original Eisenhower jacket itself is intended for collection rather than fashion, but in this case, the length is longer, so you can wear it as a fashion item at once.

It has a Japanese vintage patchy atmosphere, and has a calm and mature feel, including the texture of wool.

Also, since it is an American product, it has a good size and can be worn by us today.

It is a wonderful product that perfectly harmonizes rare specifications and fashion.

It's the best as one of the collections.

The number is steadily decreasing year by year, so don't miss this opportunity.

■サイズ / Size■

・着丈(後方襟付根〜裾先) 約73cm / Length (back collar base-hem) about 73cm/28inch

・胸囲(脇下横直線) 約53cm / Chest (underside horizontal line) about 53cm/20inch

・肩幅(両肩横直線) 約46cm / Shoulder width (both shoulders horizontal line) about 46cm/18inch

・袖丈(肩頂点〜袖先) 約58.5cm / Sleeve length (shoulder apex-sleeve end) about 58.5cm/23inch

※多少の誤差はご了承下さい / Please acknowledge some errors.


■状態 / Condition■





Moderate usability, there are small holes and damage due to worm-eaten in some places.

There are stains in some places, and there are fillings and letters on the lining tags.

The hem has been remade.

* We are steaming. Since it is wool from the old age, it will be handed over as it is. After ordering, even if it is damaged by wearing or washing, it will not be refunded or exchanged.

■注意事項 / Notes■






・There may be cases where it is not stated for minor stains and damage that seem to be horse mackerel. Please feel free to ask questions if you have any concerns other than the explanation.

・ Because there is a difference in color between the monitor environment and the real thing, please be sure to ask questions if you are anxious.

・ Japanese clothes are not made with emphasis on durability compared to overseas products. Wearing miscellaneous, washing and unraveling, may be torn.

・ In addition, things with holes under the armpits (eight holes) may pass through the arms and rarely break.

・ I will answer as much as possible even wearing questions and how to wear care and size feeling, so please feel free to contact us if you are concerned.


We Ship Worldwide. Please check the ordering method from the link below.

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