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noragi 野良着 FUNS 藍染 襤褸 刺し子 ジャパンヴィンテージ 半纏 着物 羽織 Japanese Vintage kimono haori jacket 海外発送/国際配送サービスの転送コム

野良着 刺し子 藍染 絣 クレイジーパターン ジャパンヴィンテージ 明治 大正 | Noragi Sashiko Boro Kimono Jacket Indigo Japan Vintage

  •  野良着 刺し子 藍染 絣 クレイジーパターン ジャパンヴィンテージ 明治 大正 | Noragi Sashiko Boro Kimono Jacket Indigo Japan Vintage

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■ Product Details ■

・ Date: Late Meiji period-Taisho era

・ Material: Cotton

It will be a Japan vintage sashiko indigo noragi jacket from the late Meiji period to the Taisho era.

A very valuable antique kimono that has been around for about 100 years.

At the time, it was noragi worn mainly during agricultural work in rural areas.

It is a workwear in foreign languages, but it is a valuable item that does not contain any elements of clothes, made only with a Japanese sense completely different from widely known overseas work jackets and work shirts.

It would be inevitable if we put together only the words kimono and kimono, and some designers and collectors were starting to recognize it.

There is no doubt that it is an item known to those who know it, but I think that it is better to start from now.

Noragi has become less valuable since it has been less and less tailored since the 1950s after the war.

Among such precious noragi, it is sashiko, aizome, kasuri, cotton, and a crazy pattern and an individual with wonderful specifications.

Many people have heard of sashiko, who used it both to sew the front and back fabric together and to reinforce it.

The stitches of sashiko seen through the gaps in the fabric are also wonderful expressions, and it is wonderful that the atmosphere of the yarn changes on both sides.

Needless to say, indigo kasuri is good, but I think the unique kasuri pattern seen in the 8 around the shoulder should be evaluated as a textile.

In addition, the color of the lower part of the lattice is slightly different before and after, and the way of tailoring at that time is terribly good.

The contrast with the sleeve is also good, and the parts under the armpit are also details like noragi.

Because the fabric used on the front and back is different, I think that you can enjoy it even if you are reversible.

The two layers of moderate thickness make it easy to wear, and the short-sleeved type increases the fun when layered.

It is good for the collection when it comes to the level up to this point, and because of the atmosphere, it becomes a picture just by wearing it.

As with overseas vintages, you will not be able to price when you notice.

The opportunity is still available now.

Do not miss this opportunity as it is decreasing year by year.

* The first image is on the surface.

■サイズ / Size■

・着丈(後方襟付根〜裾先) 約89cm / Length (back collar base-hem) about 89cm

・身幅(脇下横直線) 約58cm / Width (underside horizontal line) about 58cm

・肩幅(両肩横直線) 約60cm / Shoulder width (both shoulders horizontal line) about 60cm

・袖丈(肩頂点〜袖先) 約15cm / Sleeve length (shoulder apex-sleeve end) about 15cm

・スリーブ巾 約21cm / Sleeve Width about 21cm

・袖先巾 約17cm / Sleeve Tip Width about 17cm

※多少の誤差はご了承下さい / Please acknowledge some errors.


■状態 / Condition■



There is a moderate feeling of use, unraveling and sliding of the fabric, repair in some places.

There is a solution on the back, but it is the original specification.

■注意事項 / Notes■






・There may be cases where it is not stated for minor stains and damage that seem to be horse mackerel. Please feel free to ask questions if you have any concerns other than the explanation.

・ Because there is a difference in color between the monitor environment and the real thing, please be sure to ask questions if you are anxious.

・ Japanese clothes are not made with emphasis on durability compared to overseas products. Wearing miscellaneous, washing and unraveling, may be torn.

・ In addition, things with holes under the armpits (eight holes) may pass through the arms and rarely break.

・ I will answer as much as possible even wearing questions and how to wear care and size feeling, so please feel free to contact us if you are concerned.



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