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noragi 野良着 FUNS 藍染 襤褸 刺し子 ジャパンヴィンテージ 半纏 着物 羽織 Japanese Vintage kimono haori jacket 海外発送/国際配送サービスの転送コム

麻 着物 黒 ジャパンヴィンテージ 明治 大正 単衣 | Kimono Vintage Japan Black Hemp Meiji Taisho Era

  •  麻 着物 黒 ジャパンヴィンテージ 明治 大正 単衣 | Kimono Vintage Japan Black Hemp Meiji Taisho Era

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■ Product Details ■

・ Date: Meiji-Taisho period

・ Material: Hemp

It will be a Japan vintage linen kimono from the Meiji to Taisho period.

A hemp material that has been closely associated with Japanese culture and history and has been prized since ancient times.

After World War II, the effects of the Cannabis Control Law established by GHQ spread to various places, and the production of hemp in Japan is declining. It has become valuable.

Also, for the above reasons, old-fashioned linen kimono, which has been more popular for some time, is really valuable.

The linen kimono introduced here is a museum-class special piece.

Linen kimono and dyeing about 100 years ago is the original black at that time.

Basically, black is more time-consuming to dye than other colors, and is known to be the most difficult to dye.

Even if you see an old linen or fabric, you can't really find black because there are many original states that are not dyed or decolored, indigo dyeing, and astringency.

Perhaps there are few people who like kimono and Japan vintage but have seen the original black.

It is dyed very carefully, and it has a deep color that looks like a black ink depending on the intensity of light.

In addition, it is dressed in good condition, the hardness with a moderate elasticity is a very good touch.

I think that it will change to the texture of that soft linen when I wear it from now on, and I think that aging is fun.

The unique atmosphere of black hemp has a very good balance between profoundness and casualness.

Although it is a long kimono, I don't have to worry about it.

The compatibility with the simple clothes you have is very good, so please take it into your daily style.

Probably a special that you will never find again.

Don't miss this opportunity because it is decreasing year by year.

■サイズ / Size■

・着丈(後方襟付根〜裾先) 約126cm / Length (back collar base-hem) about 126cm

・身幅(脇下横直線) 約59cm / Width (underside horizontal line) about 59cm

・肩幅(両肩横直線) 約61.5cm / Shoulder width (both shoulders horizontal line) about 61.5cm

・袖丈(肩頂点〜袖先) 約31cm / Sleeve length (shoulder apex-sleeve end) about 31cm

・スリーブ巾 約43cm / Sleeve Width about 43cm

・袖先巾 約26cm / Sleeve Tip Width about 26cm

※多少の誤差はご了承下さい / Please acknowledge some errors.

■状態 / Condition■




There is moderate usability, sliding of fabric, rubbing, small holes, repairs in some places.

The armpit stitch is missing and it is a hole.

It is packed in length. (If you release the stitch, it will return.)

■注意事項 / Notes■






・There may be cases where it is not stated for minor stains and damage that seem to be horse mackerel. Please feel free to ask questions if you have any concerns other than the explanation.

・ Because there is a difference in color between the monitor environment and the real thing, please be sure to ask questions if you are anxious.

・ Japanese clothes are not made with emphasis on durability compared to overseas products. Wearing miscellaneous, washing and unraveling, may be torn.

・ In addition, things with holes under the armpits (eight holes) may pass through the arms and rarely break.

・ I will answer as much as possible even wearing questions and how to wear care and size feeling, so please feel free to contact us if you are concerned.

麻 着物 黒 ジャパンヴィンテージ 明治 大正 単衣 FUNS Kimono Vintage Japan Black Hemp Meiji Taisho Era


We Ship Worldwide. Please check the ordering method from the link below.

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